I thought I would provide some information about some questions I am asked now and then.


My research

I usually write about something I am thinking about at the moment.  This is usually a result of an article I am reading, research for studies or academic purposes or something that is a result of my work.   When I have an idea I always research it in detail.  What I don’t do is rely on Wikipedia.  This is mainly due to the fact that when pursuing formal studies, most self respecting universities do not recognise Wikipedia.  Added to that and a recent study where it has been estimated that over 80% of the medical advice on Wikipedia is wrong should highlight why Wikipedia cannot be the source of information.  However, Wikipedia often has links to other articles and research.

I use academic articles, business journals and magazines for research.  Importantly though, my thoughts are my own and I try to remain faithful to this.  If I cannot I would rather now publish it.  My objective is to create a new way of thinking about the mundane and the same, making it interesting with a new twist.


How do I start

I have never had the start of a blog post.  In fact, I find this the most difficult part of writing.  I usually have a glimmer of an idea and I link this to a theme.  Sometimes these are way out and I have to bring my thoughts back.  I just write, rubbish and all and often the thinking is not even coherent in logic.  It does not matter, my aim is to get my thoughts out.  Then I try to structure them into a logical argument.  If you have read some of my blogs I try to adhere to the elements of a well constructed argument, however, sometimes these are poor but still interesting so I continue.


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